Artina Sadler, Food System Navigator / Program Manager

Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Location: Flint, Michigan
FOCUS: My primary focus is to increase access to and consumption of healthy food and to support the creation of a sustainable food system for Genesee County, Michigan. My methodology is equitable engagement and relationship building. I work with all food system players with the goal of demonstrating true partnership, interconnection, and the strength of togetherness. My ultimate goal is an equitable, sustainable food system that operates without my input or presence.
Artina Sadler
Artina Sadler, Food System Navigator / Program Manager, Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Michigan

I strive to be a person who walks in integrity and truth. I believe in work that is larger than me. I do not seek agreement but expansion of thought, ideas, and actions. I believe in bringing my whole self to everything (lived and professional experiences, skills, knowledge, and abilities) and greatly appreciate it when others do the same. I want to not only be better but to do better, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.