Joelle Robinson, Xavier Brown, Jennifer Bryant

Location: Washington, D.C.

Urban Farming, Cooperative Economics, Community Ownership, Afroecology, Healing, Growing, and Building

FOCUS: We are working in Washington, D.C., on using Agriculture as a tool to build alternative economics models and healthier and more sustainable communities on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Joelle Robinson, Xavier Brown, Jennifer Bryant

[Pictured from Left to Right]

Joelle Robinson, Social Scientist, Food and Drug Administration

I hope to advance community generated solutions on food and social justice issues and connect them to local policy.

Xavier Brown, Small Parks Specialist, Soilful City

I am Xavier Brown, student of the world. I use farming as my tool to transform my community. I live and love the work I do.

Jennifer Bryant, Communications Coordinator, International Labor Communications Association 

I believe cooperatives are a tool we can use to combat structural unemployment. More expansively, we are exploring how cooperatives, urban agriculture and local policy can be used to plant the seeds of a new, more equitable society.