Current Leader

Amee Raval

Amee Raval
Location: Oakland, California Cohort Start Year: 2019
Senior Policy Researcher
Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Amee advocates to ensure that working class communities of color are at the center of building solutions to the climate crisis. The communities with the fewest material resources face the greatest threats from climate change. So far, a lot of efforts around climate adaptation have focused on protecting forests, coasts, and wetlands. But communities and neighborhoods remain vastly underprepared. Now, more than ever, climate readiness efforts are needed to uplift those hit hardest by climate pollution and disasters. These solutions must enable communities to not only cope and survive, but grow and thrive in the transition toward a regenerative economy. As part of the environmental justice movement, Amee is fighting climate change by challenging the extractive economy, helping to pass state policies that transform the energy system, and putting resources toward building resilience in the places that need it most.

Amee is a policy researcher advancing climate adaptation and environmental justice. Her experiences within the South Asian diaspora support her awareness of how environmental and workplace inequalities influence community health. She is applying her scientific background in public health to address the intersecting crises of a rapidly changing climate and growing economic inequality.

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