Corinne Chacon

Corinne Chacon
Location: El Paso, Texas Cohort Start Year: 2017 Project Topic: Behavioral and Mental Health Populations Served: Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, Low-Income Communities
Managing Co-Founder
Mano y Corazon Institute

As a Mexican-American, I understand the ways our community’s tight-knit families help us to be resilient. Can we leverage that behavior to reinforce our wellness? I believe a holistic approach (mind-body-soul) that integrates traditional medicine, behavioral health, Indigenous medicine, and complementary practices holds the key.

As an artist-activist-mystic, I view life through a spiritual framework. My journey begins with trying to understand the roots of a situation and the opportunities for transformation contained therein. Acknowledging the unity of all existence at the quantum level, awareness can be a pivot point for introducing change.

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