Dana Harvey

Dana Harvey
Location: Oakland, California Cohort Start Year: 2017 Project Topic: Food Systems and Nutrition
Executive Director
Mandela MarketPlace
Dana Harvey passed away in March 2019 after a battle with cancer. She will be dearly missed by her fellow Culture of Health Leaders, Culture of Health Leaders program staff, and by the entire Robert Wood Johnson Foundation family. Her leadership and her commitment to food security and equitable economic development was unwavering. Read more about Dana’s work and impact from her community at Mandela Partners.


Through Mandela MarketPlace, Dana developed and promoted new models for investment, growth, and shared wealth that sustained and elevated community power, opportunity, and health. Using food as an entry point, she drove investment into neighborhoods to create thriving communities that are shaped by the people who live there, thus increasing access to local, healthy food, supporting small business owners, and assisting communities in leveraging their assets to sustain and elevate community power, opportunity, and health.

Dana shaped alternative, community-driven food access and economic development programs to shift dynamics of race, poverty, and food insecurity. Programs and frameworks that design and implement equity-based models to improve access to healthy and affordable food and address economic disparities, especially in communities of color and historically marginalized communities, are a critical piece of building a national Culture of Health.