Eugene Cooke

Eugene Cooke
Location: Atlanta, Georgia Cohort Start Year: 2017 Project Topic: Food Systems and Nutrition Population Served: Urban Communities
Grow Where You Are

As urban farmers in Atlanta, we see the main barrier to food sovereignty in urban areas as a land justice issue. Real estate speculation diminishes the value of urban farming by ignoring its qualitative impacts, such as public safety, ecological restoration, and civic engagement. Therefore, we envision part of the solution to be working to ensure that committed urban farmers own their homes and their farmland so that they may make long-term investments in their communities.

I am an American-born father of three, descended from Indigenous farmers and African refugees. My unique perspective is based on 20 years of growing food in urban areas, as well as work-study abroad in Africa, Jamaica, and Haiti. I am one of many people who bring life skills to this challenge of equity.

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