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Deadline: February 21, 2018

Meet the Leaders

“This program is a great opportunity to build skills and develop strategies to improve health for all people by focusing on issues of equity.”
— LISA RICHARDSON, Director of Research and Evaluation, Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies

[From Left to Right]

IMAN SHERVINGTON, Director of Media and Communications, Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies

LISA RICHARDSON, Director of Research and Evaluation, Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies

JARVIS DEBERRY, Deputy Opinions Editor and Columnist,, The Times-Picayune

Meet the Leaders

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  1. Culture of Health Leaders

    Taking bold steps to change the status quo

    Meet our current leaders who are collaborating to advance a Culture of Health. These leaders are spearheading innovative, sector-spanning work and taking bold steps to disrupt the status quo in their home communities.

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  2. Population Health: Baton Rouge

    inHealth Strategies

    Improving Outcomes Through Innovations in Population Health Management

    • Government
    • Health care
    • Community organizations
    • Business
    “I’m a firm believer that not only can young people change our communities, but we must. We have to be involved, outspoken and organized. This program is providing me with more tools, training, and networking to make a difference.” Andy Allen, Outreach Officer

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  3. Restorative Justice: New Orleans

    Center for Restorative Approaches

    Redefining Justice Through Restorative Approaches

    • Incarceration
    • Education
    • Restorative justice
    • Social Service
    “Restorative Approaches will provide asset-based, participatory methods for changing this reality and strengthen community members’ capacity to develop their own solutions for justice and well-being.” Troi Bechet, Founder and CEO

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  4. Health Education: Norfolk

    New Venture Fund

    PSA-2-PSA: Eliminating the Prostate Cancer Disparity

    • Health equity
    • Race
    • Health education and awareness
    • Media
    “African American men are experiencing an alarming prostate cancer disparity, having a 60% greater likelihood of being diagnosed with the disease than most ethnic groups and dying at a rate 2.5 times greater than white men. I am developing an innovative media project entitled ‘PSA-2-PSA’ that will increase awareness of this disturbing health inequity.” Terrance Anderson, Health Promotion Educator

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  5. Participatory Budgeting: Brooklyn

    Participatory Budgeting Project

    Real Power Over Real Money = Equitable Public Spending

    • Equity
    • Public spending
    • Civic participation
    • Policy and awareness
    • Public investment
    “I’ve worked to advance equity through grassroots transportation advocacy and active design research. The next frontier is getting elected and appointed leaders to act on good data and the voices of diverse constituents—I’m excited to bring a civic participation lens to advancing a culture of health.” Jennifer Godzeno, Deputy Director

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Culture of Health Leaders is a program of the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, co-led by
the National Collaborative for Health Equity and
CommonHealth ACTION.

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Culture of Health Leaders is just one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s leadership development programs offering high-level training and funding for people interested in applying their expertise—no matter what discipline—to help make our country healthier and more equitable.


Apply Your PhD Research to Build Healthier Communities

Supported by an annual $30,000 stipend, second-year full-time doctoral students from underrepresented populations and/or disadvantaged backgrounds apply their research to build healthier, more equitable communities and diversify the field of future leaders.


Collaborating to Advance Community Change

Teams of three—two researchers and one community partner—come together to use the power of applied research to strengthen communities with annual support of $25,000 per person and a one-time research project grant of up to $125,000 for the team.


Redefine Health in Your Community

Interdisciplinary teams of clinically active professionals receive an annual fellowship of $35,000 for each team member to support a project the team designs to address a challenging health issue in their community.