Cohort 5 (2020–2023)

“A Culture of Health is rooted in equity, diversity and inclusion.”

“A Culture of Health is created through reciprocal empathy and shared symbiotic relationships between people and communities. It recognizes that health is multifaceted; it is unique to every individual and encompasses more than just our physical well-being.”

Cohort 5 brought together 39 leaders from 21 states. These leaders included nonprofit directors, health policy experts, professors, psychiatrists, founders, innovators, advocates, urban planners, medical specialists, creative facilitators, project managers, strategists and farmers. As the only cohort to begin their program experience entirely online, despite the distance, Cohort 5 forged strong, wireless connections with the participants, demonstrating their determination to build a Culture of Health.

In their vision of a Culture of Health:

  1. Individuals have all possibilities open to them to achieve their ideal existence.
  2. Organizations work to remove structural oppression by centering the voices of their communities.
  3. Communities value intergenerational knowledge.
  4. Governments acknowledge the truth of historical inequities and reconciliation and are responsive to the people they represent.
  5. Individuals, organizations, communities and governments engage in dialogue and collaboration.

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