Meet the Leaders

“As we transition into this new phase of our growth, our roots will dig deeper, and our trunks stand firm in the knowledge and understanding gained from this experience. We extend our branches and leaves to provide cover and support for each other and our communities as we expand the reach of our forest.” – Alumni Declaration

Over seven years and five cohorts, Culture of Health Leaders nurtured 198 individuals, working collectively and individually to identify inequities, create systemic and sustainable change and build a better world.

Between 2016 and 2023, these leaders and their communities experienced seismic changes that had profound, lasting impacts on their lives and leadership journeys and also shook the world. In 2020, they faced a global pandemic, which radically transformed the health challenges their communities confronted on a daily basis. In May 2020, the murder of George Floyd ushered in a crucial reckoning with racism and a resounding call for justice and transformation across the country. In response, the leaders connected and cared for each other and their communities and committed themselves more deeply to the central endeavor of achieving justice, healing and equity.

The leaders connected with each other through a deep, interdependent network that continues to support and ground them. In deep dialogue with one another—and drawing on every leader’s individual experience and perspective—each cohort also articulated their own collective vision of a Culture of Health, which you can access on each cohort’s page.

Rooted and nourished by principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, these leaders continue to care for their communities and each other, collectively building a more just world.