Cohort 2 (2017–2020)

“A Culture of Health is rooted in equity, diversity and inclusion.”

“A Culture of Health is grounded in equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice.”

The program’s second cohort brought together 39 changemakers from 22 states and territories—from Hawai’i to California, Louisiana, Maryland, and Puerto Rico—and from backgrounds as diverse as education, research, community health, agroecology and advocacy. Their work has created change across fields such as health education, food systems, environmental justice, cultural heritage and maternal health, among many others. These disrupters of the status quo brought to the program even more expansive and inclusive perspectives that enhanced the experience of all the program participants.

In Cohort 2’s vision of a Culture of Health:

  1. People value authenticity, integrity and self-determination for themselves and others.
  2. Organizations demonstrate innovation and openness to change, practice cultural humility and use strength-based approaches.
  3. Policymakers reflect the communities they represent, practice ethical leadership and make significant investments in community health.
  4. Communities prioritize collective and shared prosperity while considering global and long-term impacts. All people demonstrate compassion, respect and love for others.

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