Cohort 4 (2019–2022)

“A Culture of Health is rooted in equity, diversity and inclusion.”

“A Culture of Health is grounded in respect, empathy and equity. Realized through connection and bridge-building, a Culture of Health takes an intergenerational and inclusive approach.”

Cohort 4 brought together 40 leaders from 24 states and Puerto Rico, working on topics ranging from substance use and behavioral health to civic engagement, public policy and much more. Just a few months into their fellowship, Cohort 4’s experience was interrupted but not impeded as they faced the global pandemic and adapted to a new reality, quickly shifting how they approached the leadership program as well as their work in their own communities.

These multifaceted leaders included policy experts, urban planners, community organizers and more, working in their communities to solve challenges at the intersection of such pressing issues as public health and the built environment, violence and trauma as well as economic injustice.

In their vision of a Culture of Health:

  1. Individuals are committed to self-reflection.
  2. Organizations are people-centered.
  3. Communities are interconnected.
  4. Governments are formed by free and fair elections that rectify systems of oppression.
  5. Stakeholders examine systems and recognize a need for new approaches.

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