Cohort 3 (2018–2021)

“A Culture of Health is rooted in equity, diversity and inclusion.”

“A Culture of Health is grounded in humanity, dignity and respect.”

In 2020, the global pandemic radically transformed the health needs and challenges that the 39 leaders of Cohort 3 were in the midst of addressing. Riding the wave of transition, this cohort was halfway through their leadership development program when they were faced with the monumental challenge of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, these leaders persisted, making significant strides in projects involving topics as far-ranging as COVID response, health care access, behavioral health, elder care, criminal justice, chronic illness, racial justice and food access.

These leaders came from 26 states, and from an equally broad range of backgrounds, with the program bringing together educators, executive directors, program administrators, community organizers, a psychotherapist, a firefighter, a grant specialist, a social worker and a social scientist.

In their vision of a Culture of Health:

  1. People value love, liberation and self-determination for themselves and others.
  2. Communities are supportive environments where people care for one another.
  3. Organizations are accessible, action-oriented and accountable to their communities.
  4. People belong to an interdependent network rooted in trusting relationships.
  5. Governments and policymakers recognize that health is fundamentally embedded in all policy decisions and share power and responsibility with the communities they represent.

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