Alexandra Del Pinal

Alexandra Del Pinal
Location: Oakland, California Cohort Start Year: 2019
Program Director and Founder
Punks with Lunch/Community Outreach Harm Reduction Team

Alexandra Del Pinal’s focus is on helping her community understand the challenges that marginalized and stigmatized people experience in their lives. She engages service providers and community members, helping them understand how to interact and work with those communities who are hardest to reach. Her goal is to bear witness to people’s experiences navigating services in their day-to-day lives, helping to open avenues of engagement and communication between disparate communities. Her hopes are to establish compassionate and nonjudgmental low-barrier access to health and social services.

Alexandra is inspired to fight and give voice to those who are marginalized and stigmatized. Her commitment to her values stems from her and her community’s real-life experiences. As an outreach counselor and founder of a non-hierarchical all-volunteer-run organization, her values are entrenched in every aspect of her life. She uses harm reduction and social justice as means to continue elevating the voices and experiences of the people she works with.

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