Corinne Chacon

Corinne Chacon
Location: El Paso, Texas Cohort Start Year: 2017 Project Topic: Behavioral and Mental Health Populations Served: Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, Low-Income Communities
Managing Co-Founder
Mano y Corazon Institute

As a Mexican-American, I understand the ways our community’s tight-knit families help us to be resilient. Can we leverage that behavior to reinforce our wellness? I believe a holistic approach (mind-body-soul) that integrates traditional medicine, behavioral health, Indigenous medicine, and complementary practices holds the key.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE DESCRIPTION: Equity Forest: an Online Platform Supporting and Networking Leaders to Accelerate Collaboration
The Equity Forest (EF) website will affirm that capacity building through networking is a proven way to “create social change on a large scale.”[1] EF will splice the capabilities of the internet and the trust that has taken root between Culture of Health Leaders alumni to create an online space where ideas, best practices, and interaction can lead to more resources that enable social change work by activists and stakeholders. EF will obtain endorsements from influential voices. My site will track demographics to ensure diversity and inclusion. Expertise shortens learning curves and accelerates innovation, resulting in collaborations. Currently an online directory with 37 members, EF will officially launch in 2020. My high-profile digital platform will facilitate collaboration across sectors, cultivate new leaders, and attract new support for equity initiatives. Check out the site here. [1] “Funding Learning Networks for Community Impact,” Third Sector New England, 2013

As an artist-activist-mystic, I view life through a spiritual framework. My journey begins with trying to understand the roots of a situation and the opportunities for transformation contained therein. Acknowledging the unity of all existence at the quantum level, awareness can be a pivot point for introducing change.