Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan Cohort Start Year: 2017 Project Topics: Health Care Access, Maternal and Infant Health Populations Served: African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, Low-Income Communities
Director, Community Health Programs–Innovations
Spectrum Health

The vast majority of a person’s health is determined by everything but whether that person walks into a doctor’s office. Wealth, housing, and social capital have an extraordinary impact on people’s health and whether they can withstand a health issue. As Director of Community Health Programs–Innovations at Spectrum Health, my work focuses on how Spectrum Health can impact health at the individual and system levels. This means I spend most of my time in the community focused on specific health issues, neighborhoods, or subsets of people to develop targeted, universal approaches to community-level health needs. I was the architect of the first pay-for-success project in Michigan, led the development of the 30-organization place-based Invest Health collaborative, and co-founded Equity PAC to target key equity issues such as policy reform and diversity of government.

My work spans 17 years of leadership in health care, philanthropy innovation, and political action. I believe that targeted, universal approaches that bring unusual suspects around the table to agree on material history work best as starting points for sustained, healthier communities.

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