Joseph Agoada

Joseph Agoada
Location: Montclair, New Jersey Cohort Start Year: 2019 Project Topics: COVID-19, Health Care Access, Public, Population and Community Health, Social Sector/Non-Profit Populations Served: Adults (21-64 years), African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, Homeless Populations, Low-Income Communities, People with Addictions, Rural Communities, Urban Communities

Joseph founded and grew Sostento, a nonprofit organization with a mission to help front-line health workers save lives. The vision was to build an organization that would listen to the needs of front-line healthcare workers in underserved communities and deliver appropriate solutions that would help them eliminate health disparities. Since Sostento received 501(c)(3) status in February 2020, Joseph has grown the organization from a $500,000 nonprofit in year one to a $1.7 million nonprofit in year two, to achieving $7.2 million in federal funding in 2022 to support COVID-19 response in underserved communities. During this period, Joseph and his team have supported over 4,000 front-line healthcare workers in better serving communities through delivery of critical information, better access to care through helpline and free transportation services, and ongoing network building among healthcare nonprofits to share best practices and uplift each other during the challenging pandemic.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Decentralized Digital Empowerment for Free and Charitable Clinics
Decentralized Digital Empowerment for Free and Charitable Clinics asks the question, “How will safety net clinics across the United States adapt to a future with increasing demand for equitable services alongside a diminishing pool of resources for operations?” My initiative will facilitate digital innovation and solution development for a post-COVID-19 world for more equitable health outcomes through a consortium-based approach that includes a national representation of partners.

Joseph Agoada is the CEO of Sostento, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps front-line public health workers save lives. Before launching Sostento, Joseph spent over 15 years working at the intersection of public health, communication technology, and innovation. During that time he led projects in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Over the years Joseph has learned what it takes to stop outbreaks, prevent disease spread, and promote good public health in the most low-resource and hard-to-reach areas of the world. In leading Sostento today, Joseph is focused on setting a new standard in public health for the United States with priority on ending the COVID-19 pandemic and slowing the opioid overdose crisis.

Joe’s passion for working in public health started in Uganda, where he studied public health communications at a leading school, Makerere University, and it changed his world-view forever. He was inspired to launch Sostento after being called to action on the opioid epidemic in the United States and seeing how bad access and cost of healthcare had gotten in his home country. Joe realized that a new type of organization was needed to fill the gaps left by the current healthcare system.

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