Current Leader

Latrice Rollins

Latrice Rollins
Location: Atlanta, Georgia Cohort Start Year: 2018 Project Topics: Education, Health Care Access, Public Policy, Public, Population and Community Health Populations Served: African-American/Black, Men's Health
Assistant Director of Evaluation & Institutional Assessment
Morehouse School of Medicine

African American fathers are among the most overlooked and underserved individuals in need of services. A disproportionate number of African American men across the country experience the highest health disparities, from heart health to happiness. While literature exists on positive child, maternal, and community outcomes associated with engaging African American fathers, there is a failure to incorporate this knowledge into education, practice, research, and policy. Latrice Rollins’s vision is to create and lead the advancement of health equity for African American fathers. Education, practice, research, and policy are areas that impact African American fathers’ health and well-being, and can be explored to address the power and culture dynamics that hinder the creation of successful helping alliances with this population.

Latrice Rollins has very diverse experiences in being a change agent in her roles as a social worker, evaluator, educator, researcher, and community leader across federal and state governments, academia, and community organizations. It has been eight years since her dissertation research and even more years since her passion was ignited to help African American fathers, and the problems still exist, and on some levels have worsened. Her unique focus on individuals and power structures that perpetuate the current culture of excluding African American fathers makes her a great fit for the Culture of Health Leaders Program.

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