Leigh Caswell

Leigh Caswell
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Cohort Start Year: 2016 Project Topic: Health Care Access
Director of Community Health
Presbyterian Healthcare Services

I work for Presbyterian Healthcare Services in New Mexico where we have an enchanting landscape with a rich, cultural history. We also struggle with high rates of poverty, chronic disease and substance abuse. There are communities that face huge disparities in outcomes and my work is focused on partnering with others to determine solutions through building on community assets and sharing resources to build a culture of health.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Revitalizing the Presbyterian Center for Community Health
Our focus will be on strengthening the infrastructure of the Presbyterian Center for Community Health (CCH). The CCH has relied on the Affordable Care Act requirements of nonprofit hospitals and federal funds to grow and sustain itself. With the new federal funding climate, there is a concern about the sustainability of the work done through the CCH. We are attempting to create a sustainable, long-term infrastructure and funding stream to forward community health improvement plans, implement innovative projects to connect population and community health to the delivery of healthcare, and continue to disrupt the healthcare system to more directly support the development of a Culture of Health.

I am a public health professional working in a health care system, who is committed to equity and social justice and leveraging resources to improve health outcomes through systems change.