Leroy “Buster” Silva

Leroy “Buster” Silva
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Cohort Start Year: 2017 Project Topics: Behavioral and Mental Health, Education, Food Systems and Nutrition Populations Served: Children and Families, LGBTQ+ Communities, Native/Tribal/Indigenous People, Rural Communities, Urban Communities
Community Coordinator
Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation

My focus at the Notah Begay III Foundation is to help prevent the increase of type 2 diabetes and obesity among urban Native American youth by creating more access to spaces of movement and more sport opportunities in Albuquerque. By using a collective impact approach, I will target this challenge with a common goal and shared measures for success. By working together and bringing all our resources and passion to the table, we will move the needle in a positive direction.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Family Indigenous Thrive (FIT) Advocacy Movement for Intergenerational Wellness
FIT will be an intergenerational movement to revitalize the spirit of wellness through active community connections and partnership building. In order for people to be motivated to move and take an active role in their wellness, we need to provide creative ways to use communal spaces and offer opportunities to learn and grow. The inequities are in the geography of where people live—that is, there are fewer opportunities in the poor and rural areas. There are inequities in the way health and movement are framed in media, such as commercials, PSAs, and books. FIT will actively address the gaps for youth, families, and communities by promoting and creating opportunities through partnerships, multimedia, and policy.

I am a lover of life and of people—I believe everything happens for a reason, and it is my responsibility to observe and listen. I am passionate about health and fitness, and I find happiness in making others feel good about themselves.

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