Monica Baskin and Kadie Peters

Monica Baskin and Kadie Peters
Location: Birmingham, Alabama Cohort Start Year: 2016

The Birmingham area is known for its industrial past, harsh Jim Crow Laws and strict enforcement of segregation. Many of the structures and institutions built during this era impede progress today. We are working in Jefferson County, Alabama to promote health equity by engaging diverse stakeholders in equity, diversity, and inclusion training and solution development. This work centers on using population data to target evidence-based solutions to promote the best possible health and highest quality of life for all. As a team, we will offer new solutions and ideas for creating a more collaborative community based on fairness and equity.

[Pictured from Left to Right]

Kadie Peters, Vice President of Community Impact for Health, United Way of Central Alabama 

I am currently the Vice President of Community Impact for Health at United Way of Central Alabama where I lead the collaborative health improvement partnerships and regional collective impact movement focused on improving health. My role in the Jefferson County Health Action Partnership allows me the most direct contact with 5 operating priority groups and the hundreds of volunteers collaborating on projects. I also have the opportunity to build relationships with local, regional and state leaders regularly convened by United Way that includes CEO’s, Executives, elected officials, and Presidents of major industries.

Monica Baskin, PhDProfessor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Medicine: Preventive Medicine

I am a professor, psychologist, community-based researcher, and a champion for health equity.



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