Naomi Doerner

Naomi Doerner
Location: Seattle, Washington Cohort Start Year: 2019
Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Implementing a Cohort Pilot Program for Mobility Justice Movement Capacity-building
The Untokening shines a light on and disrupts historic and ongoing transportation and mobility injustices faced by black, Indigenous, and people of Color (BIPOC) in the U.S. These include having fewer safe, affordable, accessible, reliable, and environmentally sustainable transportation and mobility options than white peers; disproportionate concentration in areas that are either further away or more disconnected from living-wage jobs and affordable housing than white peers; underrepresentation within decision-making, including in professional transportation leadership roles; and underrepresentation in the wealth creation the industry generates through contracting. The Untokening’s vision is to build an emerging to mid-career BIPOC mobility justice leader pipeline, readying participants to hold top-tier decision-making roles within transportation. The strategic initiative proposal is to develop a Mobility Justice Movement Capacity-building cohort pilot program plan in 2021 that will be launched in 2022. The pilot will include online and/or in-person convenings; coaching calls and circles; and a skills-building curriculum. The idea came from The Untokening participants, and it will be designed with input from BIPOC mobility justice leaders via focus groups that will be compensated for their time.