Robin Guenther

Robin Guenther
Location: New York, New York Cohort Start Year: 2016 Project Topic: Built Environment/Housing/Planning
Principal, Perkins+Will
Senior Advisor, Health Care Without Harm

A culture of health can create a health care system that eliminates its own negative environmental impacts, anchors community health and resilience, and leads broader societal transformation.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Creation of a Framework for Health Systems to Embed Social and Environmental Health Factors into Their Missions
How can health systems participate in creating a society where health is the aim—a future where health systems co-create equitable conditions for individuals and communities to achieve health? This initiative introduces a framework for health systems to embed social and environmental health factors and considerations into their mission and vision. An engaging storytelling podcast series highlights examples of health systems forming innovative partnerships to advance environmental health in their communities and build a Culture of Health and catalogs the metrics they use to measure success in environmental and health benefits. The goal is to accelerate this work by demonstrating a diverse set of on-the-ground successes in neighborhood investments for healthier built environments, climate resilience, cleaner energy, and healthier food systems and contribute to the development of broader success indicators.

I believe the health care sector can create a world where the delivery of health care creates nothing but health. I work on helping health care organizations to connect the dots between their built environment decisions and health.

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