Sabine Martin

Sabine Martin
Location: Manhattan, Kansas Cohort Start Year: 2016 Project Topic: Environmental Justice
CTOR Solutions, LLC

I uniquely combine my private sector environmental experience with my years of providing brownfields-related assistance to communities and tribes to help improve community health by addressing brownfield sites.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: K.I. Sawyer Fresh Food & Gardening Healthy Nutrition Program
Our initiative focuses on the community of K.I. Sawyer, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Today’s community developed after 1995, when the Air Force vacated the base it had operated since 1956. K.I. Sawyer now has a population of 2,8172, with a median household income of $28,361 and poverty rate of 41.4 percent. Food insecurity is one of the biggest problems in K.I. Sawyer. There is no grocery store, which is a problem for residents without transportation; the nearest grocery store is 10 miles away. Our initiative will bring fresh food and groceries via a grocery truck, provide a gardening curriculum to certain grade levels of the local elementary school and to interested adults, teach healthy cooking classes, conduct an 8–10-week prescription food program associated with the grocery truck, and provide leadership training to build capacity within the local citizen volunteer group.

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