Shannon McGuire

Shannon McGuire
Location: Boise, Idaho Cohort Start Year: 2017 Populations Served: Children and Families, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, Native/Tribal/Indigenous People, Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories, Rural Communities
Chief Empowerment Officer
Spark Strategic Solutions, LLC

Idahoans face significant health challenges in food security, access to care, obesity, and mental health. The increase in rural Idaho’s social challenges has been rapid, often outpacing the proposed solutions from organizations and even entire sectors. This gap has created health inequities that require a comprehensive, cross-sector approach to addressing the root cause of disparity. My focus is to create reciprocal partnerships that result in observable, measurable impact to both fully maximize and mobilize resources. The intention is to build a statewide Culture of Health and provide evidence that everyone benefits from carefully planned progress.

I am a social impact strategist who helps brands build vibrant communities.

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