Prison-to-Professionals: Investing in Potential

Prison-to-Professionals: Investing in Potential
July 15, 2019


At the time Stanley Andrisse was sentenced to 10 years in prison, a prosecuting attorney told him that he had “no hope for change.” But Stanley’s past actions did not define his future and, like many of the 70 million Americans who are involved in the legal system, he had a wealth of skills and passion to offer society.

Stan Andrisse, MBA, PhD—one of our Culture of Health Leaders—went on to become an endocrinologist scientist and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University and Howard University College of Medicine. Stanley is also the executive director of From Prison Cells to PhD, which leads Prison-to-Professionals, a program that breaks the cycle of incarceration by providing inmates with access to mentorship and resources to reach their full potential and dreams.

Prison-to-Professionals recognizes that innate talents and excellence exist in all people, but the opportunity to obtain higher education does not. Less than 4 percent of individuals who leave prison have some form of post-secondary education, compared to more than 30 percent of the general population. By offering the opportunity for higher education to individuals who have been convicted, Prison-to-Professionals is opening doors and allowing people to invest in both their futures and their communities.

Culture of Health Leaders is excited to continue to support and learn from Stanley as he continues on his leadership journey in the program. To learn more about Prison-to-Professionals and those impacted by its work, watch this video and share on your social channels.

You can also keep up with Prison-to-Professionals on Twitter: @Prison2Prof, Instagram: @Prison2Professionals and Facebook: From Prison Cells To PhD.


“Prison-to-Professionals offers hope. We facilitate and orchestrate that hope. We facilitate and orchestrate that second chance. We help change the game.”