Reshaping Policy Across the U.S.

January 5, 2022


A newly released report from the National Program Center and TCC Group highlights how program participants are building a Culture of Health through policy change. 

Across 28 states and over half a dozen policy areas, leaders are often playing lead roles in creating or developing new policies, plans, or frameworks, particularly at the organizational level. Program participants from all cohorts are changing policies and practices that impact health equity, such as school wellness policies and organizational hiring or university admission practices. 

Leaders are also active at all levels of government policy change. One leader “created a pathway for regular communication about partnership and training opportunities between the Department of Corrections and community providers that did not previously exist.” Another “wrote the Community Engagement Principles Policy, a state level policy adopted first at the [state] Department of Public Health and Environment.”

To learn more about how leaders are impacting policy, read the report here.