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Meet the Leaders

“A true Culture of Health will be defined by no longer having to use that term—when promoting and protecting health is accepted and valued as a human right, as a savvy business practice, and as an actionable policy priority. I am thrilled to join a cohort of leaders who are pushing the edges of their respective spheres of influence to get us to that reality, and I look forward to learning from them while fighting alongside them.”

SONIA SARKAR, DrPH Candidate, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


Meet the Leaders

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  1. Culture of Health Leaders

    Taking bold steps to change the status quo

    Meet our current leaders who are collaborating to advance a Culture of Health. These leaders are spearheading innovative, sector-spanning work and taking bold steps to disrupt the status quo in their home communities.

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  2. Population Health: Baton Rouge


    Improving Outcomes Through Innovations in Population Health Management

    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Community organizations
    • Business
    “I’m a firm believer that not only can young people change our communities, but we must. We have to be involved, outspoken and organized. This program is providing me with more tools, training and networking to make a difference.” Andy Allen, Outreach Officer, Inhealth Strategies

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  3. Healthy Eating: Honolulu

    Tina Tamai

    Increasing Food Access And Healthy Eating In Underserved Communities

    • Access to Healthy Food
    • Nutrition
    • Health Equity
    “Poor food access impacts people’s health and well-being, affects their ability to learn, and increases chronic disease and obesity risks. It also has major consequences for our healthcare system, our economy, and our country’s stability. I am sincerely grateful for this opportunity to be supported in finding better and more creative approaches to helping everyone have access to healthy food and the ability to participate in a Culture of Health.” Tina Tamai, Executive Director, Hawaii Good Food Task Force, The Kohala Center, Inc.

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  4. Affordable Housing: Boston

    Robert Torres

    Building Equitable Communities Through Affordable Housing

    • Affordable Housing
    • Economic Development
    • Community Building
    “The most pressing health needs in my community have been unmet, not due to lack of effort, but due to lack of a shared vision.” Robert Torres, Director of Community Benefits, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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  5. Participatory Budgeting: Brooklyn


    Real Power Over Real Money = Equitable Public Spending

    • Equity
    • Public spending
    • Civic participation
    • Policy and awareness
    • Public investment
    “I’ve worked to advance equity through grassroots transportation advocacy and active design research. The next frontier is getting elected and appointed leaders to act on good data and the voices of diverse constituents—I’m excited to bring a civic participation lens to advancing a culture of health.” Jennifer Godzeno, Director of Engagement, National Association of City Transportation Officials

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Culture of Health Leaders is a program of the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, co-led by
the National Collaborative for Health Equity and
CommonHealth ACTION.

meet our leadership team
  • Our partners include:
  • Center Leader


Culture of Health Leaders is just one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s leadership programs offering high-level training and funding for people interested in applying their expertise—no matter what their discipline—to help make our country healthier and more equitable.


Apply Your PhD Research to Build Healthier Communities

Supported by an annual $30,000 stipend, second-year full-time doctoral students from historically marginalized backgrounds and/or populations underrepresented in specific doctoral disciplines apply their research to build healthier, more equitable communities and diversify the field of future leaders.


Collaborating to Advance Community Change

Teams of three—two researchers and one community partner—come together to use the power of applied research to strengthen communities with annual support of $25,000 per person and a one-time research project grant of up to $125,000 for the team.

Welcome to our 2019 cohort!

Members of our newest cohort bring transformative leadership insights and experiences from communities large and small across the United States.


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